Savannah H3 Trail #1037: Back to School

Hares: Fistful of Fingers and Mystery Guest Hare
wHen: Saturday, September 12th, 2020
wHat time: 2:00 show, 2:30 go.
wHere: King’s Ferry boat ramp, way in the back, by the killer deer
sHiggy level: 3.5-4, depending on tides and how hard the hares pregame
wHy: For the beer, and because you shitheads have forgotten how to run a real trail
wHo: Hares, virgins, NFHNs, killer deer, Bill Gates’ Special Patented COVID vaccine (spoiler alert: it’s an excessive amount of Limearitas)
How mucH: $6 beer $8 cider virgins FREE
socHial Distancing: Yes, you still have to do that. If you get sucked into the pit of despair, you’re in your own.