Savannah H3 Trail #1064 - Easter Booze Hunt

Hares: Red Velvet Vagina & Jaws
wHen: Saturday, April 3rd, 2021
wHat time: 2:30 show, 3:00 pm start
wHere: Blue Sky Preserve
sHiggy level: 2
wHo: All you ungrateful wanks and Virgins and people
What: look for and find boozy drinks
Why: Cause you won't want to miss this shit show.
How much: $10 cause we EXTRA
On-After: TBD

All right you dengenerate half-minds the on the only, rarest of the rare Birds RV is coming out of hiding to lay a booze tastic Easter style trail with tasty prizes to be found. So cut the bullshit and excuses and get your asses out here. You'll have fun and you will like it!!