Savannah H3 Trail #879 - Sundae's Final Lay

Hares: Sundae School, Eh?!, Gin Comes Out Yellow, Possible Mystery Hare
wHen: Saturday, September 2th, 2017
Time: 2:30 show ~3:00 go ‘cause one hare has to work
wHere: Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp, 25 Diamond Causeway.
sHiggy: 4
wHy: Because we can squeeze one more trail out of him before Sundae heads(who said head?!) off to live in the dessert.
wHo: Hares, Pluff Mud aficionados, Under-overpass campers, and Silly Savannah hashers
How much: $5 beer, $7? for cider, virgins always free
wHat to bring: Shiggy gear to hash in, planters for trail poopers, dry clothes for circle, bug & oyster repellent