Savannah H3 Trail #900

Hares: Spring-roll Hole and KMO Pickles
wHen: Saturday, January 13th, 2017
Time: 2pm show, 2:30 go (We'll need you wankers to be prompt for once in your lives)
wHere: 32°01'39.1"N 81°10'08.6"W - Webmaster's note: it's near Veteran's, follow your GPS
sHiggy: 4
wHy: To celebrate the running of the 900th trail here in SAVH3... and of course for the booze! for the blood! for the dickcider!!
wHo: Slow Hashers, Racist Bastards, Barbed Wire enthusiasts, waist high fence jumpers, possible virgins, roadkill.
How much: $5 for beer, $7 for cider
wHat to bring: Dry bag, bandages, hog and bug repellent, a thirst for nectar of the gods and a sense of adventure

Sunday Hangover Trail

Hare: Hearse so Good (maybe)
wHen: Sunday, January 14th
Time: 1000 meet, 1030 hare away
wHere: 1010 Bonavanture Road
How much: All hash cash will be going to help Calendar Girl, so $5 for beer drinkers, $7 for cider sippers, and any donations that you would like to bring in addition to that.
wHy: To help a Phoenix harriette and her family, who have lost their home recently to a fire. We will be donating all hash cash from this trail to the family along with any other donations that you would like to make in addition to hash cash.
sHiggy level: 1.69 (maybe)