Thanos has descended on the fine city of Savannah
It’s up to you to recover the 6 Infinity shots…err stones to save the universe

Savannah H3 Trail #921 – Superhero Trail #2 - Infinity Whores

date: Saturday, May 19th, 2018
wHo: Calling all of Earths bravest hero’s to follow the trail left by Iceman
What? Don your superhero mask & cape or just come as you are (I don’t care)
Where? 32.044269, -81.080080, Daffin Park, West of the Stadium, Parking lot by the soccer field
When? On 5/19 avengers will assemble at 2pm; adventure starts at 2:30pm of your Earth hours
How? $5 Earth dollars will get you shinny alcoholic replenishments, $7 will get you even fancier shinny alcoholic replenishments
Why? To save the universe from the evil clutches of sobriety

S.H.E.I.L.D. briefing;
Design your own superhero
It’s not that serious, have fun with it, or don’t, who cares
Suggestions for circle tell us your super hero power
Bring your super powered liver; you are going to need it
Shiggy meter is reading 0.69
Dog friendly

Pizza and beer pong will be held at 1010 Bonaventure (5 min down the street from start)
Bring cash for pizza (and strippers)
Park on Massachusetts drive, the road behind our house, not in the empty lot

Long branch; Beware it snaps back...