Savannah H3 Trail #962: Hello From the Otter Slide

Hare: Fistful of Fingers, possible mystery guest hare
wHen: Saturday, February 9th, 2019
wHat time: 2:00 show, 2:30 go
wHere: Union Landing, South Carolina (32.2389130,-81.1155273)
sHiggy: Like a fully erect 4 or a kind of whiskey dicked 5, depending on tide, weather, and how lazy I’m feeling.
wHo: hares, hashers, virgin sacrifices, at least one possibly rabid otter
How much: $5 for beer, $7 for cider and fireball drinkers, free for sacrificial virgins
wHat to bring: dry bag, floatation, mud boots, otter repellent, snorkel, more otter repellent, gps, bug spray, no seriously if you’ve got otter repellent bring it, I think it’s out for blood

Notes: Carpool if possible, parking is limited. Access is by dirt road. Road is well maintained and fine for cars, but if you’re picky about dirt or something then come by boat.