Savannah H3 Trail #988

Hare: Midget Rodeo
wHen: Saturday, July 13th, 2019
wHat time: 2 pm go; 2:30 pm hare away
wHere: At the end of OSCA Rd. on Skidaway Island (31°57'49.2"N 81°00'51.8"W)
sHiggy level: 3.69 (maybe)
wHy: Because why wouldn't Midget hare a trail when he is in town and of course for the most important thing...the BEER!
wHo: All of you wankers!
How much: $6 for beer drinkers, $8 for cider sippers and Virgins are always free
wHat to Bring: Skeeter beeter, No See-Um spray, Virgins, Sunscreen for all of you pasty wankers, sacrifices for Ralph, Virgins, Low expectations, a healthy thirst for beverages

On-After: Possibly Norwood Tavern but subject to change