It's finally happening!! It's time for the 7 Deadly Sins shot trail. :)

Choose the Sin of your choice to dress up as! Now's your chance to reuse that slutty halloween costume or find a dashing suit or just throw on your house-clothes or go all religious or carry around food all trail.

Savannah H3 Trail #1008 - Seven Deadly Sins

Hare: ATV
wHen: Saturday, November 9th, 2019
wHat time: 2:30 show 3:00 go. Yes that's right! A shot trail in the afternoon.
wHere: 32.023562, -81.077929
sHiggy level: .69. Duh- this is a neighborhood you're probably familiar with.
wHy: To celebrate living in sin
wHo: Hashy people
How much: $10
wHat to Bring: Capital vice costume, your liver, that's pretty much it idk, shoes
wHat not to bring: That heavenly virtue talk