Upcoming Trails

Full Trail Details Are Posted by the Thursday Evening Prior
(All adults 21+ of age are welcome at each event - just show up)


free beer tomorrow

Shiggy Meter


Level 1: In town trail - city streets, maybe some stairs and city squares.

Level 2: Urban, some off-road shouldn't need a dry bag.

Level 3: Some ready made paths & some trail blazing maybe wet.

Level 4: Mostly wooded trail blazing, could be fences, walls, homeless camps, garbage dumps, mud, muck, broken glass, snakes, spiders, little furry animals, swamp & water you could wade through!!!!!

Level 5: Anything goes: briars, stinky mud that could keep your shoes, plenty of water - some possibly over your head, beware of animals including snakes, possibly alligators, over all one that you should have a trail buddy with you.