Savannah H3 Trail #1040

Hares: Mystery Hares (if you know, you know)
wHen: Saturday, October 10th, 2020
wHat time: 2:00 show, 2:30 go.
wHere: 32.0841727, -81.0997317
sHiggy level: mystery
wHy: because beer.
wHo: Hashers, Wankers, Half-Minds, Visitors, NFHN's, and Virgins.
How mucH: $6 for the weak $8 for the strong
wHat to Bring: Dry Bag, bug spray, sunscreen, a thirst for adventure and a hope for a better future.

On-After- TBD

Since start is close to Service feel free to pre-lube there and get your drink on. They have an anniversary event going on that is free of charge to enter. That means it may be a little crowded so please take this into consideration if you wish to attend that.