Savannah H3 Trail #1052

Hares: Sundae School, Eh?! & Sex Ray Tech
wHen: Saturday, January 9th, 2020
wHat time: 2 pm show, 2:30 pm go
wHere: Scarborough Sports Complex
sHiggy level: 3
wHy: Because Sundae is ensuring he never has to hare again
wHo: Hashers, Wankers, Half-Minds, Visitors, NFHN's, and Virgins.
How much: $6 make a bitch holler, $8 for pretentious seltzer sippers
wHat to bring: Dry Bag, bug spray, sunscreen, a thirst for cheap beer/non beer, gifts for the hares, and your ever burning hate for Sundae to keep you warm.

Comments, questions, concerns (you should be concerned) may be directed @ Sundae- 567-454-7668

On-After- TBD