Savannah H3 Trail #849 - Insert Clever Trail Name Here

Hares: Pink Slides Up My Moon, Better Than My Brother
wHen: Saturday, February 18th, 2017
Time: 2pm Show, 2:30-ish Go
wHere: Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex, 7221 Sallie Mood Dr. Savannah, GA 31406
sHiggy: 3ish
wHo: Hasher, Clueless Wankers & Virgins (not dog friendly). Properly functioning livers need not attend.
wHy: For the Beer, For the Shiggy, For the Glory
How much: $5 for beer drinkers, $7 for sissy cider sippers, and Virgins are always free
wHat to bring: Dry bag, virgins, vessels, sacrifices for the hares.