Savannah H3 Trail #974 - Cumway's farewell

Hare: Project Cumway & Pre-Party Ejaculation (he didnt want me to die alone)
wHen: Saturday, April 13th
Time: at 2:00 hares away 2:30
wHere: Kings Ferry on hwy 17 across from Loves Seafood
sHiggy level: Solid 3 possible 4
Haven't scouted yet. Plus this rain has been wicked.

wHo: Hares, virgins, NFHNs, and you!
wHy: For the beer, the shiggy, and to make sure I'm ok at the end.
How much: $5 for beer, $7 for non beer, and free for virgins.
wHat to bring: All the repellent for scary things, bug spray, sacrificial virgins, may need a life vest, change of clothes, dry bag, towel, kilt, virgins, and a sense of humor because this might really be a hot mess.