Savannah H3 Trail #993

Hares: Whoever draws the short straw + someone they pick to join them
wHen: Saturday, August 10th, 2019
wHat time: 2:30 show 3:00 go
wHere: Tom Triplett Park
sHiggy level: 3+?
wHy: For the beer! wHo: Hashers and virgins!
How much: $6 for beer, $8 for cider, free for sacrificial virgins
wHat to Bring: Hash attire, change of clothes/shoes, your lucky charm. Swimming optional.

Since no one wants to sign up, it's time for a short straw trail! Named hashers will draw straws to see who wins (loses) and gets (has) to be the hare. Then they pick a friend (enemy) to join them running from the hounds.
Pretty sure we've all done TTP before, so it shouldn't be too bad (famous last words).
Flour, chalk, and beer checks will be provided.
RSVP on the FB event for cranium count.