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History of Savannah Hash House Harriers:

Pre- Beginning Days:

At least one or two GA/FL events occured on Tybee Island hosted by outside kennels prior to start of the Savannah Hash House Harriers.

At least one or two travelling hashes occurred at St Patricks Day Parades in Savannah prior to the start of Savannah H3.

"And How's Yer Bush" was named as a virgin at a travelling hash in Savannah at a St Patricks Day Parade in 2001. (To Be Confirmed)

I believe she was stationed in Europe very soon after this - within 2-4 months, as I do not believe I have met her?


In the Beginning:

Date of First Hash: April 1st, 2001

Parent Hash: Oklahoma City Wild West H3

"2th Fairy" moved to Savannah in late Feb or early March of 2001 and started up the Savannah Hash House Harriers.  At times, "And How's Your Bush" is listed as a co-founder of the group.

I ("Tequila Tony" - your author of this history) had met "2th Fairy" in Jan/Feb of 2001 standing on "Emmerson Biggins" air conditioning unit at Tornado Alley H3 in Wichita KS before he came to Savannah.  "2th" had founded the OKC Wild Wild West H3 on April 3rd of 1999 as well and was visiting Tornado Alley H3 often at that time too.

I arrived and hashed my first day in Savannah on October 10th of 2001 (actually Beaufort that day), which would have been a trail number in the high 20s to low 30s.

Hashers I remember seeing at the SavH3 at that time were: 2th Fairy, Cock Broker, Cooter Covers, Dick Upon A Star, Tastes Like Chicken & Toys R Us,

with Ellie Mae Slappit and 3D (Dick Deficit Disorder) very soon after this time.


1st Year Analversary/100 Hashes

Savannah Hash House Harriers celebrated our 1 Year Analversary and 100 hashes on 05/18/02 at the Sherwood Plantation in Hardeeville SC.

Even though our pack was usually 6-10 people, we hashed every Thursday and Saturday (unless a special away event) from 2001-2006ish.

Sav H3 Contacts from Dick Upon a Star dated 06/26/2002
2th Fairy
And How's Yer Bush
Baaddd Kitty
Broken Stool
Captain Hollywood
Cervix With A Smile
Chaps My Ass
Cock Broker
Cooter Covers
Stump Humper
NFHN D*e D*e
Dick Upon A Star
Ellie Mae Slappit
Fuit Goatpia
Gnat Nuts
Little Crack Porn
Blue Light Special
Negative Sailor
The Nun
Obloe D Rump Ranger
Plug It In
Quiero Chihuahua
Raggedy Andy AKA Drewl
Ramblin' Man
Sheep's Ahoy
Tastes Like Chicken
Tequila Tony
That's Not It!
Tongue 'N Groove
Toys 'R Us
Wanna See My Tits
Whacks Off

Notable Events:


Hash Trashes:

Shiggy Meter:

Sav H3 Traditions:


Sav H3 GMs:

"2th Fairy" 04/01/01 - 05/31/03

"Stump Humper" 05/31/03 - 05/23/04

"GladHeAteHer" 05/23/04 - ???

Red Velvet Vagina ??? - ???

Ellie Mae Slappit ??? - ???

Lil Crack Porn ??? - ???

Tequila Tony (Co-GM)  01/15/11 - 04/14/12

Red Velvet Vagina (Co-GM) 01/15/11 - 05/xx/13

3 Second Souvenir (Co-GM) 04/14/12 - 05/xx/13

Fellat Mi No  05/xx/13 - 04/14


Sav H3 Full Moon Trails:

xx/02 Ft Jackson Full Moon Trail #1

xx/03 Hutchinson Island Full Moon Trail #2

04/17/03 Hutchinson Island Full Moon #3

#4-#1? Full Moon Trails


Sav H3 Jingle Balls

Sav H3 Halloween Hash

Hash finds RV or was it RV finds the Hash?

So there I was: at NC/SC at Sherwood Planation on 10/18/03. 

We had N*ked Fire Jumping, Topless Motorcycle rides & Arse Clinching bottle rocket fireworks too long.   Saturday including an excursion into Savannah looking for Shit Happens next wife Pub Crawl.  Tinkie Winkie with a beautiful white wedding dress rides on the back of my motorcycle all over town and the hash picks up Trail Trash NFHN Lisa - to be named "Red Velvet Vagina" at Six Pence Pub.

RV was one of a couple hashers over the years that actually sat in ice twice to be named.  The first time, we had plenty to work with, but did not end up with a name we were happy with so she ended up

sitting in ice-water a 2nd time and it was stinking cold that day on 11/20/03.

Sav H3 Green Dress

2001 - Not sure if 2th Fairy was here for this or if Shit Happens did a Green Dress in 2001, but for many years our count for the Green Dress was more than our Analversary as was the case on

03/15/03 Trail #180  Savh3 2nd Analversary & 3rd Anal Green Dress Run.  For the first 2-3 years we held our Green Dress Run on St. Patricks Day. 

During the 2002 Green Dress Run, we jumped in front of the parade with our shopping cart keg of beer and waved at the crowds and picked up a fresh keg at Ellie Mae Slappits place on parade trail. 

As our numbers of participants increased quickly, we could no longer house the attendees, could not get reasonable prices on hotels and could not get into bars - so we moved our event to the weekend before St Patricks Day in 2004 and have continued to use that weekend. 

RV has mastered this event to what it is today for very many years!!


"No Blood No Trail"

The origin of one of Savannahs favorite expressions.  I went to a Big Ten School where we had football sized players on our basketball teams.  Our teams usually did poorly in NCAA tournaments as it was a common expression of "No Blood - No Foul" and our players would easily foul out with PAC 10 referrees.  Savannah area is basically a community built on a swamp - as in great hashing area for shiggy.  When we first started hashing here in 2001, 2th Fairy would put true trail arrow that showed you crossed a swamp or canal, but you knew he found a way around it.  By late 2002 to the summer of 2003, we (including 2th Fairy, Ramblin Man, Tequila Tony & others) kept pushing that envelope of shiggy more and more each trail, having to outdo each other that we got to the point of a true trail arrow at water, we jumped right in knowing that you were going to get wet and it truely was True trail.  Trails became more and more shiggy, including the Full Moon Trails, swimming intercoastals, etc.   We enjoyed the shiggy so much, that we modified a term from my school days to meet our experience of "No Blood - No Trail" - meaning if you did not get bloody on trail - we weren't counting it as a trail.  Chaps My Ass got these really cool shirts made that had the expression on them and other trail marks and that has been a hit shirt and expresssion for our trails here ever since. 

“I Get Named Next Week”

“2th Fairy”

Savannah H3 Spinoff Hashes

Savannah Bash

Sav H3 Notables By the Year:















InterAmericas 2011 in Savannah Hosted by A Li’l Southern Hashpitality (Atlanta area Hashes)

Authors Note:

I have plenty of history to account for here, this is an In Construction Effort.  If you have information about Savannah H3 or believe I need to correct some information, please email me at tequila_tony_h3@yahoo.com.